Technology is provided by Dimension Data.

The core offering provided by Dimension Data is the HVAC system, which provides clean oxygen within a negative pressured environment within the High Care and ICU Safepods. The solution has been designed by experts to ensure compliance with WHO standards and is certified by industry bodies.


Furthermore, Dimension Data provides a comprehensive suite of technology products which enable digital management of stock care and patient theatre care. This offering is reflected within the Safepod optional extra section. The technology can be deployed rapidly and will ensure quick and effective dispensation of pharmaceuticals and accurate recording of incidents. The benefits include speed, accuracy, record keeping, improved forecasting and prediction. 


Dimension Data and health care providers developed and deployed an application for the dispensing of stock and patient management amongst several hospitals. 

Mitigating the misplacement and loss of items through theft, coupled with a more efficient process, were the main driving factors for the development of this solution. 

The Stock and theatre Care application allows for real-time processing to take place within the Medical Wards. It also includes the interfaces that have been developed between the Mobile systems. The solution includes an incident management module and is completely paperless.

Tech 1.png
Tech 2.png

The proposed solution includes the deployment, installation and maintenance of sensors in the safe pod environment. The system boasts wireless (via GSM, independent of any existing Wi-Fi network) - environmental and occupancy monitoring capabilities, capturing:

  • Light (Lux) 

  • Humidity (RH)

  • Temperature

  • CO2

  • TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Chemicals)

  • Occupancy

  • Sound Levels (no recording)


All sensor data shall be made available via an API, hosted in the cloud storage, whereby data security is highly robust.