The SAFEPOD can be designed to fulfil a variety of different needs:

  • The medical industry, by assembling hospitals, day clinics and consulting rooms.

  • The education sector, by setting up classrooms for the youth.

  • Corporates, by deploying training centres for companies that work in remote areas.

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The SAFEPODS are available in the following standard sizes:


116 SQM

156 SQM

312 SQM


The number of beds varies dependent on the solution.


The SAFEPOD solution started off with the aim to combat the current challenges of COVID-19 but has evolved into also assisting with additional structures for schools, training facilities and permanent day clinics.

The solution includes 7 core elements:

  1. Manufacture, distribution and erection of an accredited and approved building system- the building can be fully operational within 4 to 6 weeks.

  2. Supply and commissioning of critical accredited medical equipment as well as special educational/training equipment.

  3. On and off the grid power solutions.

  4. A formal handover, with training including all SOPS required.

  5. A suite of existing technology to enable self -help, improved hygiene, and increase information communication.

  6. Rapid deployment throughout Africa.

  7. The solution is designed for repurposing, post-COVID-19, for example, day clinic, classrooms and other much-needed infrastructure.