SAFEPOD has been streamlined!

SAFEPOD has streamlined its production line and can provide fully operational disaster relief building system within four to six weeks from date of order. These isolation pods are pre-manufactured to specification and arrive on-site in knockdown kit form. They are transported and can be installed in even the most inaccessible of areas.

Apart from providing a solution to the unprecedented burden of Covid-19 on healthcare infrastructure, the SAFEPODs can be repurposed into a variety of post-Covid-19 uses as the pandemic abates and the demand for field hospital beds dissipates. Remote African villages can use the SAFEPOD as a field hospital, and when no longer needed, can retain the units as day clinic or repurpose them into much-needed facilities such as classrooms, training site, gender violence buildings and vaccine administrate pods. The post-Covid-19 uses are limitless.

SAFEPOD manufactures its portable emergency relief shelters from sturdy 50mm versatile polystyrene that ensures optimal temperature control of the interior. If operating as a mobile field hospital, the units include smart air quality control systems and piped oxygen supplies. The isolation pods can accommodate between 10 to 15 hospital beds and operation of the system is backed with full training and support.

SAFEPODs can withstand extreme climates and serve as either permanent or temporary shelters – from remote campsite locations to commercial and industrial applications. Cutting-edge technology, combined with top-grade quality materials, SAFEPOD offers the solution. The SAFEPODs can be erected on-site more efficiently than conventional building methods. Other plus-factors include:

  • Low maintenance

  • Cost savings

  • Repurposed functionality – classrooms, clinics, field hospitals, storage, community centres (to name but a few)

  • Advanced and high-quality medical infrastructure

The effective engineered solution to meet a myriad of needs

SAFEPOD ensures that its relief buildings adhere to the strictest manufacturing guidelines.

Contractors are certified level 7 members of the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) that oversees the sustainability and growth of construction enterprises across the country.

Furthermore, all medical equipment supplied by is approved by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). ISO is an independent, non-governmental, international organisation that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems.

SAFEPOD is also compliant with requirements set by SANS (South African National Standards).

Apart from all these benefits, all components of the SAFEPODs comply with:

  • R 158 – governs the establishment of private health care facilities

  • CSIR – SARI (severe acute respiratory infections) guidelines

  • WHO – an infrastructure for alternate care guidelines for pandemic

  • Provincial legislation

  • NHBRC (National Homebuilders Registration Council)


The Safe Pod solution is aimed to combat the current challenges of COVID-19 and with the ability to be deployed rapidly. The solution includes 7 core elements:

  1. Manufacture, distribution and erection of an accredited and approved building system- the building can be fully operational within 4 to 6 weeks.

  2. Supply and commissioning of critical accredited medical equipment – includes ICU beds, ventilators, X-ray machines, and all supporting equipment.

  3. Advanced electrical and medical gas reticulation.

  4. A formal handover, with training including all SOPS required.

  5. A suite of existing technology to enable self -help, improved hygiene, and increase information communication.

  6. Rapid deployment throughout Africa.

  7. The solution is designed for repurposing, post-COVID-19, for example, day clinic, classrooms and much-needed infrastructure.

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