Focusing on the medical industry, there are a number of ways the SafePod can be set up to benefit the community:


  1. Makeshift Hospitals - these setups can include screening rooms, HIgh care and ICU wards.

  2. Consulting - a consulting room can be set up for members of the community to chat with a doctor or virtual counsellor.

  3. Day Clinic - set up more easily accessible day clinics for the community.

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The typical Safepod solution includes 4 separate Pods:


  1. The Screening Safepod - with screening booths and a consultation room.

  2. The Isolation Safepod - provides world-class facilities, with an oxygen supply.

  3. The High Care Safepod- includes medical equipment and medical gas for patient ventilation.

  4. The ICU Safepod-  includes self -contained rooms, with advanced medical equipment to support patients in distress.


The Safepods can be deployed individually or as a comprehensive solution.


Provide much-needed assistance in the community in the form of a consulting room. The consulting room can be used for multiple reasons such as a counselling area for community members.

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