In the medical field, a SAFEPOD can be used for a variety of different setups:

  • Hospital Setup

  • Consulting Rooms

  • Day Clinics

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The typical medical SAFEPOD solution includes 4 separate Pods:


  1. The Screening SAFEPOD - with screening booths and a consultation room.

  2. The Isolation SAFEPOD - provides world-class facilities, with an oxygen supply.

  3. The High Care SAFEPOD- includes medical equipment and medical gas for patient ventilation.

  4. The ICU SAFEPOD-  includes self -contained rooms, with advanced medical equipment to support patients in distress.


The SAFEPOD can be deployed individually or as a comprehensive solution.


The SAFEPOD provides much-needed assistance in the community in the form of consulting rooms.

The SAFEPOD can be used as a consulting room by medical doctors in various fields, as an on-site laboratory or as a virtual consulting/screening room.



The SAFEPOD day clinic is the perfect solution for rural areas as it is durable and quick to erect. Multiple units can be deployed simultaneously throughout inaccessible areas where health care is limited.

The SAFEPOD can also be set up in cities and more accessible areas to assist with high demands. It can be set up as a temporary solution which can then be redeployed when needed.