SAFEPODS can be assembled to be used as classrooms in remote areas converting the SAFEPOD into a SMARTPOD.

Each classroom can be equipped with cabling or WIFI so that each student will have internet access.

Each SMARTPOD can be fitted with solar panels to generate power for the classroom equipment.

These SMARTPODs can be deployed in rural and inaccessible areas.

Inside Classroom.png


  • The interior layout is optimized to include a screening area for COVID-19 at entry. This safeguards the health of students and teachers. The SMARTPOD also features an isolated sickbay.

  • The setup can multiply teaching resources by linking up to 4 classrooms via the smartboard, enabling simultaneous teaching.

  • Accessible from the outside, the SMARTPOD features men and ladies restrooms.

  • There are two designs formulated for Power Solutions:

    • Grid-connected – integrating into the power supply of an existing facility.
      This will have an active battery backup system that in case of a power outage, will be able to power the SMARTPOD for four hours with all equipment remaining operational. This will provide sufficient time for the existing facility to switch over to its existing power backup system.

    • Off-grid / Rural sites – the power supply will be self-sustaining, with energy being generated by the Solar PV panels during the day to power all equipment, as well as to charge batteries which will be used to power the SMARTPOD in the night hours.

Silent generators will also be installed as back-up power for both grid and off-grid solution.