1. Easy to erect: Pre- Manufactured to specification- arrives on site in a knockdown kit.

  2. Stock availability: High levels of stock on hand.

  3. Capacity: Production capacity of 50 units per week.

  4. Speed: 2 to 3-week installation period- fast to erect and commission.

  5. Fully supported: Ongoing training and support of all services.

  6. Functionality: Can initially be set up to assist with the impact of COVID -19, but then can be repurposed into day clinics, classrooms, housing and other much-needed infrastructure.

  7. Quality: High quality, advanced medical infrastructure.

  8. Reach: Containerized transportation and installed in inaccessible areas.

  9. Compliance: Meets and exceeds all local and global regulations.

  10. Effective: An engineered solution to effectively combat the spread of Covid-19.

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