Melvyn Antonie


Melvyn holds a BA LLB (Wits) and is an admitted attorney. He also obtained a Diploma
in Banking from the Manchester Business School. He joined the Board on formation of
SACE in 2007 as an Executive Director. In 1973 he joined Barclays National Merchant
Bank where he became senior general manager, responsible for mergers, acquisitions,
listings, bank syndicated positions and project financing. He became a director of Hill
Samuel SA in 1986 and was responsible for the Corporate Finance Department. He
formed The Janus Corporation as a shareholder and director in 1987 and between 1996
and 1998, as part of a joint venture, was a director of SG Corporate Finance (SA) (Pty)
Limited. Melvyn was responsible for the listing of ACES on the Mauritius Stock Exchange